Youth Recital #2

When: Virtual. Recital of submitted videos will be published December 5, 2020

Registration Deadline: Registration form is due November 7, 2020. Recital Videos are due by November 15, 2020. Email videos to Ludmila Ozeryansky

Questions? Email Ludmila Ozeryansky


• The General Guidelines For All Student Programs apply to Youth Recitals. Students of any level of ability may perform. 

• Instrumentalists (any instrument), vocalists and small ensembles are all welcome to perform. 

• Participating students should have some previous experience as performers. Students should be trained in proper stage decorum: when and how to walk on and off the stage, how to bow and acknowledge applause, and what to do in case of memory lapses. 

Each teacher may only enter six students per date

Each student is limited to five minutes or less of music (one long piece or two short pieces). 

Music in original form is preferable to arrangements.

 • All music to be performed must be memorized (excepting ensemble music). 

• Appropriate concert dress is expected (no jeans, sneakers, shorts, or uniforms). 

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